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European Lighting Summit 2017

Jan Denneman (President of Lighting Europe)

Last Thursday took place the European Lighting Summit in Brussels. This was the first edition of this summit which was organized by Lighting Europe.

BemStudio was present and here is our recap of the event.

The day started off with an inspiring presentation from Dr. Silvia Leal about new trends in Lighting. Possible business opportunities like Gamification or augmented reality use were presented. It became very clear with this presentation that the changes we have been witnessing in lighting lately are only the beginning. With the evolution of smart lighting units along with IoT (Internet of Things) the future of lighting never seemed so bright.

Next, Mr. Peter Hunt, vice-president of Lighting Europe presented us the strategic roadmap of Lighting Europe until 2025. Ledification, Human Centric Lighting and Circular Economy are the key aspects Lighting Europe wishes to address. However, it was a surprise to us that there was no mention regarding Horticulture. With the increase on the Worlds population and food scarcity we were expecting to see urban farming as one of the key aspects of focus on this roadmap to 2025. After speaking with some members of Lighting Europe we were told Horticulture is something they are looking to and that it will soon be part of Lighting Europe's program.

Mrs. Birgit Weidel from the European Comission followed and she addressed a some very important topics concerning European lighting regulation. As we already knew, the CE marking is not being correctly inspected as there are many companies using it without performing the proper testing needed to have the CE marking. It will be interesting to see some changes in this field in the near future.

Over the following hour Mr John Higgins Director General of DigitalEurope and Mr. James McKenzie CEO of PhotonStar Lighting both talked about Intelligent systems applied to lighting. This area is growing very fast as it is being boosted by machine learning and cloud computing. There are several data opportunities to be followed and there will be many new business models coming up in the future regarding Light applications. As they mentioned "Intelligent Lighting is just starting!". Smart buildings are just around the corner, which will allow for energy consumption to be reduced everywhere around the world.

After the lunch break Prof. Christian Cajochen from the Centre for Chronobiology, University Basel, Switzerland presented the audience with important information concerning Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and how it is affecting the daily life of the world's population. With the mass use of smartphones and tablets it is critical to understand the impact these devices can have on our life's which are commonly overlooked.

Lighting designer, Prof. Andreas Schulz continued the Human Centric Lighting topic with an interesting presentation on the consequences of Lighting Design. Lighting shapes our daily rhythms and the lighting design for every space must address the users together with the space itself. Designing light for people is here to stay and those who master it will be the ones standing out from the rest.

Afterwards, Dr. Ian Jordan gave the most interesting presentation of the day in our opinion. Dr. Jordan is a visual processing specialist and he showed some video clips on how much light can help some medical conditions. Check this a video to see some of those amazing applications:

Dr. Ian Jordan at the International color conference 2013

This is an impressive research and some results are absolutely mind blowing. The effectiveness and speed of the results is truly amazing. It is hard to understand how these solutions are not being applied at a much larger scale.

It is clear that Lighting can be used as a treatment to numerous medical conditions. Expect to see Light being used as a service to improve people's health in the future.

Next, Mr. Pierre Henry (Policy Officer of the Eco-innovation and Circular Economy Unit of DG ENVI) presented the audience with some important aspects of Circular Economy as well as the European Comission view on how to address related issues concerning the lighting industry.

Mr. Jan Denneman President of Lighting Europe (in the picture above) closed the day with a recap of the presentations and shared his own vision about the main topics of this first European Lighting Summit. The changes in the world relevant to lighting, such as globalization, climate change, sustainability, and demographic changes. How to approach these issues having in mind Human Centric Lighting and Circular Economy was the focus.

In conclusion, BemStudio highly praises Lighting Europe for organizing the first European Lighting Summit. We consider the event was a success, some inspiring presentations and an awesome opportunity for networking. This post is a quick recap of this very interesting day. In order to see the presentations we invite you to click the link below:

Presentations of the European Lighting Summit 2017

We at BemStudio will certainly do our part in using light to it's best use and improve people's life.

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