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Your retail store lighting design is a major element in enhancing your image, building your brand, attracting new customers and increasing sales. The challenge is to understand the character of your location, identify the customers who need your products and get them interested in becoming part of your growing client base. If you missed our previous blog posts on the importance of retail lighting here are the links for you to check them:



When thinking about how to renew the image of your store, lighting should be one of your top priorities. There can be a number of reasons about your store that were once effective but no longer have the necessary appeal to grow your business, such as: Demographic Change – The demographics in your location may have changed over time, and the dominant ethnic group, age group and income levels in the neighborhood may be different. Potential new customers also have different tastes than previous clients.

An Aging Store – Perhaps your store has begun to look old and outdated and you have failed to keep your former customers who may now have to travel some distance to reach your outlet.

New Competition – New, competitive stores may have moved into the area and you are losing market share to them.

Comparison Failure – Your store may not be as convenient or as attractive as other stores of the same type.

In order to refresh the appeal of a shop, new upgraded lighting is one of the fastest and most dramatic changes you can make. And you can also recoup your costs very quickly with affordable, cost-effective LED lighting if you take in consideration the following:

  • Electrical Savings – Energy savings from long life, low wattage, and the cool lamps of light emitting diode (LED) lighting will save you enough money that you will recoup your investment for new, up-to-date lighting and fixtures in two or three years, and then start dramatic yearly savings in electrical expenses.

  • Controlled Lighting – You will save time and money by installing control features that enable you to automatically control lighting with dimmers, sensors, and timing features, and the use of control boards to make changes easily.

  • Consumer Support - Customers need to be able to see the merchandise they are considering to buy. Just having lights on the selling is not enough. Whether your store is discount or upscale, lighting can play a dramatic role in how customers view merchandise. Can they clearly see the product's colors? If you ever hear the complaint , "It looked so different in the store," you've got a problem.

  • Effective Displays - Putting together a beautiful, eye-catching display under the wrong lighting is like covering a piece of art with bag. Displays are meant to attract customers and entice them to buy.

  • Suitable Lighting – Carefully chosen lighting takes into consideration the spill of light from fixtures, the absorption of light or its reflection from surfaces and textures, the need to separate products from backgrounds, and dramatic attention focused on featured products and specialty items. It also takes advantage of interesting architectural features of the store, inside and out.

  • Light Levels for Store Type – Lighting choices are based on the size and type of store, and all need strong task lighting for cashier locations, fitting rooms and storage rooms as well as accent lighting for specialty items. Bright, vertical, ambient (general) lighting is preferred for discount outlets, warehouses and supermarkets with high ceilings. Lower ambient lighting works best for smaller lifestyle, specialty and department stores. A combination of low ambient lighting and more dramatic, accent and specialty lighting works wonders for small, select boutiques with upscale fashion, jewelry and one-of-a-kind items.

  • Outdoor Light - It's difficult to sell to customers unless they come into your store. You must create an environment that looks very inviting. Also, don't forget that the best lighting turns your store into an advertisement for itself. Those passing by who see the store will remember it when they think about shopping.

Because lighting is such a key component of the shopping experience, it is important to make the right choices for your store and your preferred customers. Make it your advantage by consulting with BemStudio. We can help you analyze your individual store and show you how lighting can best enhance it, help you make the choices that will appeal to your target market, and save you money at the same time.

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