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Well designed and sourced retail lighting has a very important role in boosting sales. It entices shoppers, and directs traffic flow as well as guiding customers towards specific product. It optimizes your goods making colors vibrant and jewelry sparkle. The correct retail lighting becomes a part of your brand experience, allowing customers to feel comfortable and ultimately shop for longer resulting in more sales.

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When designing the layout of any shop there are a several considerations that need to be taken into account. These are the most important:

  • Atmosphere - The store needs to grab the customers attention from the street. So, creating the right atmosphere is essential. Lighting is key to creating the right environment in a store, from luring the customer in, to putting them in the mood to shop once they are inside the store.

  • Decor - The overall look of a shop gives the customer a feel for the type of products that are on sale. Therefore, it is imperative that the look of the store represents the stock that it is being sold. A store that looks like it has been designed with consideration automatically feels more luxurious which makes customer behavior to adapt accordingly.

  • Functionality - Once the customer is in the shop the aim is to make sure that they don't leave empty handed. The design must consider whether the shop layout is easy to navigate and whether the path through the store enables the customer to access all of the products, and ultimately the cash point.

So, do you need light? All store owners are going to answer "yes." Common sense tells us that light is an integral part of the retail environment. The main issue is that as long as the lights turn on and off we only have to change them every now and then, we all take lighting for granted. This is the root of lighting problems in many retail spaces. Instead of looking at lighting as an ally, helping us do our jobs as well as improving our bottom lines, too many retailers don't give lighting the attention they should. Lighting can work for us, rather than just with us, if we just learn how. Actually, in lighting, just a little knowledge can be a great thing. People make decisions about lighting everyday. The trick is to know enough to make the right decisions. Decisions that will improve productivity, retail sales, safety and security, identification, and the bottom line.

Here are some of things you must really take in consideration:

Contrast is good for you

Retail lighting should be high contrast, the goal is to make perception easier and to increase levels of attention.

Get the right light distribution

Diffuse general lighting ensures a subjective sense of well-being. Vertical illuminance makes orientation easier and the easier it is for customers to find their way around, the more likely they are to walk around a shop.

Color temperature is your friend

High color accuracy plays an important part in boosting retail sales. Customers want to view your products in the most true to life and vibrant color possible. They also want to look good in the clothes they try on, so retail lighting should always make skin tones appear natural and healthy.

Work your windows

The initial step to improving sales is to get customers through the door. Your branding and window displays play an important part in getting noticed and enticing potential customers in to your retail store. Your shop window should grab the attention of passers-by and direct light where you want it. It should accentuate details, create highlights, add texture and support seasonal themes.

Put the light down low

Targeted accent lighting or dynamic lighting in the lower third of shelves results in customers lingering longer and may boost sales. Shelf-integrated lighting is recommended at all levels.

As a store owner, having all this under consideration can be overwhelming and you might not get to the end result you were expecting regarding store looks and sales boosting. One thing is to know the information, another one is to know how to apply it and to be successful with it.

BemStudio's staff are light specialists, we have the know-how to transform you shop accordingly and to bring it to life through lighting. Get in touch with us and find out our tailor made solution to your shop!

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