Retail lighting plays a very important role in every successful shopping experience. The architectural lighting design of any shop has a very strong impact on the customer's journey through the retail space. Lighting will enhance your customer's journey as it helps brands to tell their story about its store and displayed products. Through lighting you can set the customer's mood, create hierarchy among your products and it serves to help make the shopping experience a lot more pleasant. Also, if proper attention to lighting is given, a store can create a brand experience that the customer will remember and that will make him want to come to the store again.

Retail store lighting is strategically important, even more than business owners realize. Different lighting styles will create different shopping experiences for your buyers. Being aware of this can increase your bottom line. Lighting can create a definitive ambiance or mood that will encourage shoppers to consider items that they would not necessarily have purchased before.

A few things to consider when thinking about how lighting can help your store includes:

  • Light helps define overall store image

  • Highlights products and helps make them visible

  • Encourages purchases by visual enhancement

  • Helps lead customers into store

  • Allows for more enjoyable shopping experiences

There is no single store lighting formula that you can follow as a retailer to ensure you are using your lighting correctly, but the points above allow you to think about the lighting decisions you have made or need to make. There are, of course, a few more things to consider.

Boosting sales

When you think about increasing sales in your retail store, your first ideas are improved marketing, promotion, discounts and advertising. However, while this is true for the short term, there are ways to build long-term sales growth. Retail store lighting can have an amazing influence on your sales by enhancing your displays, and showing your product to its best advantage.

The use of correct lighting to showcase products

Picture a jewelry store, have you really looked at the way the products are displayed? Do you know what makes the difference?

Jewelers know about the importance of having their products and store with proper attention to lighting. Having the right light makes a huge difference on the first impression their products make on customers. Think about how taking control of your store’s lighting to create strategic displays can improve your sales.

LED Lighting: Becoming Energy Efficient

There are many benefits of using energy efficient lighting. Readily available choices like LED lighting consume less energy, lowering your overhead. Also, they don’t produce the wasted heat energy of other light sources, which over time causes unnecessary decay on your light fixtures.

Upgrading to energy efficient lighting is the perfect time to reconsider your retail space, and how a new lighting strategy could improve your business. Reconsidering the strategic value of lighting your retail space opens up new sales opportunities, and when implemented properly, can reduce your overhead.

It has been proven that bright lighting encourages shoppers to make quick decisions over their purchases and get out of the shop quickly. This works really well in fashion stores such as H&M and Primark where a customer will quickly select an armful of items, and due to their low price, will not spend time deliberating over whether to buy them. On the other end of the scale, the bright lighting technique also works well in electrical stores where prices are considerably higher. Highlighting some products, makes it easier for shoppers to compare products, but at the same time, it doesn't encourage customers to deliberate for a long time over their purchases.

Of all the elements for creating the perfect shopping experience, lighting is possibly the most important area for consideration, as good lighting can bring a space to life, even if the other areas aren't quite as good. Lighting quite literally sets the scene for the store, and can be used to highlight, and indeed hide, different areas of the store. Good lighting can distract, whereas if there is a particular area that needs focusing on, such as a display, lighting draws the customer to it.