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Outsourcing has become one of the hottest topics in the business world over the past few years, with so many tasks in the workplace now capable of being carried out by outside parties. However, any employer who is considering seeking out a helping hand from a third party so that they can streamline their workplace processes have been urged to not rush into the decision. Outsourcing is not something that you should go into lightly. It’s something that takes a lot of thought and quite a bit of work.

Still, in our previous blog post we outlined the main benefits of BemStudio's Staff Outsourcing solutions. In case you missed it, here is the link so that you can read it:

Understanding the value of Staff Outsourcing

If done properly, outsourcing is a great business strategy. It wouldn't have reached such popularity if it wasn't. And there are many reasons to support this, the main one being the fact that by outsourcing you are allowing important processes in your company to be handled by experts in the field.

The truth is that there really is a lot to gain through the use of staff outsourcing, and this is specially true for small businesses. Every company has it's own services or products. Therefore every company has it's own core expertise. One of the main challenges of small businesses is how to deal with all the mandatory services of running a company with no expertise on how to perform some of those tasks.

Let's set an example of a business, any business. Now let's say that the expertise and main focus area of this business is for this example 3D mapping. This business has only 6 staff members and they run every single task needed in the company. So let's think on some of the issues they have to deal with: accounting(salary, billing, invoices, taxes), bureaucracy (service agreements, NDA's, insurances) workplaces (rent,cleaning), company website, social networks, marketing and the most important in any company sales activities.

As you can see in this very simple example, there are several tasks that every company needs that are very far from being the core expertise of the company. Sure you can deal with everything on your own. But the effort you will need to use to get things done properly and the amount of times you will fail because you are not an expert from that area will most likely drive you crazy and make you say: "Why didn't I outsource this to a specialist in the first place?"

You can also choose to hire people to perform each of the different tasks but before doing so you need to compare the costs of having your in-house staff to perform those tasks with the cost of outsourcing those services. Nowadays the answer will most likely be that outsourcing will save your company a lot of money. And again this is specially true for small and medium sized companies.

By recurring to staff outsourcing you will benefit from having specialized staff performing tasks, therefore achieving better results. Also, companies are able to deal with fluctuating work demands without hiring permanent staff. And if better results are not achieved, well written service agreements, will protect your company, since the staff outsourcing company will have to be accounted for failing to deliver what was initially agreed.

Like aforementioned, Staff Outsourcing is not something you should go into lightly. Like any business decision, you need to think about it carefully. First, you must decide what services you should be outsourcing so that your staff can focus on their core expertise and performing the tasks they were hired for. Second, while choosing a staff outsourcing partner you have to research the market and try to get as much information before actually engaging in an outsourcing contract. The best way is usually to talk with other companies who are also contracting services to the outsourcing company you are looking to partner with. Last, you have to set up a service agreement that will get your company the exact results that made you look for staff outsourcing in the first place. Like mentioned above, a strong and well written service agreement is what protects your company in case the staff outsourcing company fails to deliver.

Summing up, Staff Outsourcing can definitely help any company increase it's revenue when done properly. It will save you time and money by allowing your staff to focus on their core expertise as well as getting better quality results in the outsourced services. We leave you a link with some business evidences regarding successful Outsourcing:

Steps in successful Outsourcing

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