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BemStudio | Light Planning

Light has a profound effect on how we feel and plays a vital role in creating a healthy work environment. Daylight controls our natural biorhythms, influences our mood and creates a sense of wellbeing. But daylight alone is not sufficient in most workplaces, artificial light is also needed to produce the right light levels across all working areas.

On our previous blog post we explained how light can affect humans and plants and you can find several links with useful information regarding Light Planning. If you missed it here is the link so you can check it out:

The importance of Light Planning

BemStudio's light plans are designed to offer optimal lighting at uniform levels for any given area. The light plan contains graphical illustrations of the lights in site, a floor plan showing the lighting positions, luminance diagrams and an overview of all the lighting fixtures included in the plan. We use the latest design software to prepare detailed plans together with quotations and an analysis of potential cost savings.

Should a change in light levels or configuration be required, BemStudio can conduct an analysis to recommend the most suitable fixture type, quantity and power to most cost effectively light an area to suitable levels. Also, using lighting design tools, BemStudio can also determine the cost-benefit tradeoff of changing the lighting configuration or leaving it as is.

If you are planning to construct new livestock housing or renovate an existing building, you should have a lighting plan drawn up before you actually buy the lighting for the building. For all types of spaces, BemStudio can provide you with a well-designed, specific and realistic lighting plan which will bring you substantial benefits. The obstacles in each building are taken into account in order to ensure that the light distribution is uniform across the entire area.

An unsuitable light level or lighting regime may have implications for the health, performance and welfare of your life, your workers, your crops and/or your livestock. That’s why you should always seek advice before purchasing lighting.

BemStudio offers you the option of having a lighting plan drawn up free of charge and without obligation. This lighting plan specifies how many fixtures are needed in order to achieve the light level required, and we do our utmost to achieve uniform and efficient light distribution.

Acknowledge the benefits of BemStudio's Light Planning service:

  1. You will receive a specific lighting plan that is based on your own lighting needs;

  2. You will never buy too many or too few fixtures (we assure you cost efficiency);

  3. The light level required will always be calculated specifically for you;

  4. The recommended light level will be based on professional calculations;

  5. Several options will be calculated for you (you decide on the best option);

  6. Our light plans consider every aspect of the building (windows, equipments, lighting requirements, etc);

  7. Our staff is certified by Dial ( Dial's website ) and use the best software tools for light planning.

In order for you to have a clearer view on the impact of having proper lighting in working environments we invite you to check out these links:

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In resume, better light quality means increased comfort. When people feel better they work better, which means increased productivity, therefore everyone’s happy. You will appreciate the health and safety benefits of BemStudio's lighting solutions that provide uniform light, no dark patches and good colour rendering. Employees and/or customers will feel better as well, which will boost productivity or smooth flow through your space.

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