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Staff Outsourcing in the business world has a tendency to elicit an immediate negative reaction. Many people believe outsourcing means local jobs shipped overseas. This definition of outsourcing is starting to change in today’s business landscape, especially in engineering. Businesses are beginning to understand how certain strategic Staff Outsourcing alliances can actually help keep jobs and allow manufacturers to retain, and in some cases grow, their current market share. The new business culture (over the past decade) has required successful businesses (small, medium and large) to operate in a lean and productive manner. The old age of having a full staff of engineers to do everything from computer/IT network maintenance, product design/development, prototype assembly, enhancements, production support and facility layout has been forced to change. On-staff engineers are still required for an organization to be successful, in fact, they are now asked to take on an even more significant role as both Product Design and Project Managers. In order for engineers to stay in touch with all the demands of ever evolving technology, in-house design support, marketing/sales support and infrastructure responsibilities, companies are turning to successful outsourcing alliances to help fill the needed voids.

Simply put, companies are seeing the need to allow their on-staff engineers (expertise) to focus on core competencies and product/project management and turning to outsourcing for the rest.

Through BemStudio’s Staff Outsourcing you will be able to achieve:

  • Greater focus: engaging a contract engineering services team can foster greater discipline and focus around project requirements and deadlines;

  • Cost efficiency: contracting engineering services allows you to add expert external resources to your project without adding ongoing operating costs, or worrying about keeping new hires busy after a major project is completed. Contract engineering also enables you to control and verify costs more clearly than in-house staff;

  • High-Quality results: contracting engineering services can offer more sustainable intellectual property and facilitate a greater transfer of core knowledge than hiring internal staff. While many internal members of a core project team are moved to other projects and/or leave the company once a project is complete, a contract engineer can deliver well-documented extra information for internal use, and be available for re-engagement on a flexible basis.

By outsourcing both the staff and the associated management component, you benefit from greater productivity, the ability to focus on your core business, meet and respond to fluctuating operational demands as well as reducing staffing costs. BemStudio’s staff outsourcing solutions are tailored to suit your specific needs, especially taking into account the nature of the contract: the categories and levels of staff required, the degree of management, administrative processes and technology required.

Why you should consider Staff Outsourcing

Main advantages of Staff Outsourcing