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BemStudio | Market Consultancy

In order to have success in any market you must know everything about it. Having an understanding of your market is not only about the products, but also knowing exactly what your customers want and who your competitors are. You can only say that you fully know your market when you have the complete answers to these three questions: What, when and why they do it?

Markets are constantly evolving. Technology never ceases to bring new innovations to the markets and customers requirements are changing faster than ever. As if this was not enough, there is also ever-increasing competition. Today it is impossible to thrive in any market without knowing your competitors, even if you are leading the market. There is so much information you can get from competing companies that overlooking it is a critical error.

BemStudio provides market consultancy in the fields of lighting and horticulture. We support a wide range of businesses and public sector organizations in successful market analysis. Our role involves both business and technical consultancy. To identify practical solutions we advise the client of the best options and solutions regarding every project. Our CEO and founder has vast knowledge about lighting and horticultural industries, leading to great insights. Throughout his academic studies and career, Gonçalo Neves never ceased to increase his expertise in these fields. Having worked for five years at Valoya Oy since its beginning, originally just a startup, allowed him to know the ins and outs of the industry. His network is extensive and he is seen as an expert in luminaires and their applications in the lighting and horticultural industries. Our staff is very driven to succeed and highly motivated to always exceed our clients’ expectations. Our engineers have a lot of experience as they have been involved in related projects during the last years.

Through our market consultancy you will be able to completely understand both your customers and your competitors. Not only this, but you will also know about the most recent market trends and technologies. This will allow you to always be one step ahead of your competition. Through this you will build the right customer relationships that are essential for any organisation. It will not only increase trust and loyalty, but it will also result in repeated business, as well as leading to customers recommending you to their friends or colleagues.

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