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BemStudio | Technical Drawing

Technical drawing allows efficient communication amongst engineers and can be kept as a record of the planning process. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a technical drawing is a much more effective tool for engineers than a written plan. Precision is of the utmost importance in all technical drawing, as drafts in all fields of engineering are expected to be scaled, labeled and arranged exactly as the final product would be. Because of the importance of accuracy in any technical drawing, the use of CAD, or computer-aided design programs, is becoming increasingly common. These programs increase the speed and accuracy of the drafting process, as well as making the reproduction of drafts as simple as printing text documents.

This is how BemStudio’s Technical Drawing services will help you:

Autodesk Inventor Professional / Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical: these are the right software’s to develop the work that you need;

CAD Drawings from existing drawings: there are several situations that will required a CAD drawing of an existing part such when a drawing just does not exist, when you want to try another manufacturer or changes are required to an existing product;

2D/3D CAD services: we follow the international standards;

3D CAD models for 3D printing: we have 3D printers to print your 3D CAD model right away, avoiding you to spend time and money in prototyping;

3D CAD models from existing mechanical components: for who has existing parts but no 3D CAD models. This will result in them requiring 3D CAD models of existing mechanical components. The 3D CAD Models can be used for updating our customers’ 3D CAD library;

Reverse engineering: we are ready to re-construct an existing product accurately, for the purpose of manufacturing or product improvement;

Rendering and animation: we can create realistic views and assembly videos of your final product.

There has been a lot of discussion related with 2D and 3D CAD. Having this under consideration we invite you to read this link in order to understand the advantages of thinking 3D before 2D.

Why you should think 3D before 2D

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