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BemStudio | Light Planning

Nowadays planning is more important than ever and lighting is no different. Therefore, careful Light Planning is fundamental to forecast and reduce costs. Light shapes our daily rhythm, it influences our moods and our ability to perform. With plants this is the same, so selecting proper lighting is crucial to achieve the desired performance on every crop.

Light is an integral part of architecture whose internal and external structure, building elements and materials place great demands on lighting sources. Some of these demands can be met by daylight, others can only be fulfilled with artificial light. When artificial lighting is planned, the user’s needs must be given thorough consideration, since we should all feel comfortable in our surroundings and enjoy and experience them. Lighting is a complex art and science. Besides various standards and guidelines there are a multitude of recommendations regarding lighting. Ultimately we have to determine the amount of natural light and its distribution, sun shading, glare control and the visual link to the outside. These criteria are subject to different weighting depending on the application (office, production, hotel, restaurants, museum, hospital, greenhouses, city farming, etc.).

BemStudio provides a full service as a lighting design consultancy company, which grants relevant, sustainable and cutting-edge lighting expertise to every project. Capitalizing on the international experience of its design team, we are capable of addressing the illumination requirements of any space. Its team of professionals is currently advising various local governments, developers, architects and residents on a broad range of projects in General and Horticultural lighting.

Never forget: Light improves our living and working environments, for light makes a huge contribution to how well we feel in our surroundings and to how well we perform.

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