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BEM!!! and BemStudio was created…

BemStudio | Greentech 2016

BemStudio was founded on 1 June 2016 as a Dutch company that provides engineering services in the fields of lighting and horticulture.

Our CEO and founder has great insights and knowledge about general and horticultural lighting. Throughout his academic studies and career, Gonçalo never ceased to increase his expertise in these fields. Having worked for five years at Valoya Oy since its start, originally just a startup, allowed Gonçalo to know the industry and how it works. It also allowed him to learn how to run a company and to make it a successful organization. His network is vast and he is seen as an expert in lighting fixtures and their applications in the horticultural industry.

Our team is very success driven and highly motivated to always exceed our clients’ expectations. Our engineers have a lot of experience in the areas we work in as they have been involved in related projects during the last years. We are focused in going along with technologic breakthroughs, new software and applications. Our engineers have a master’s degree and are certified by DIAL ( in light simulation. This translates into one simple and very important aspect: our clients are working with knowledgeable and experienced staff.

BemStudio has offices in Amsterdam, Lisbon and Oporto, all located in co-work spaces. This allows our company and employees to have access to a network of companies. This means that no matter what the clients’ problem is, we will always be able to work on a fit solution, either through our in-house staff or outsourcing services if needed.

Part of BemStudio’s mission is to make the world a better place. We truly believe that everyone can contribute to that and we want to do our best in that regard. As unemployment is a serious issue in many countries, our CEO took upon the mission to find qualified, motivated and driven unemployed people and offer them a chance to be part of our project. Even though we are a very recent company, we have successfully employed people who were in this situation. We have trained them and given them the needed tools to succeed. So far, the results have surpassed our expectations which makes us sure that not only we want to continue this hiring method, but also that we are on the right path to contribute to lower the unemployment rate.

As our first appearance in our targeted markets, BemStudio’s staff attended Greentech 2016 ( GreenTech is the global meeting place for all professionals involved in horticulture technology in RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 2016 edition featured 415 exhibitors from 30 countries including all market leaders, in four connected themes: Crops, Water, Energy and Bio-based, a Vertical Farming Pavilion and Demo Area for heavy equipment and machinery.

Before attending this event, it was already clear to us that the market is growing and changing at lightning speed. During this trade show we were able to feel that the market wants us to be part of this change and therefore we will be continuously adapting and upgrading our services in order to make our customers’ business more successful.

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