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BemStudio offers a full service of light planning. We provide relevant and cutting-edge lighting expertise in every project.
Capitalizing on the international experience of our team, we are capable of addressing the illumination requirements of nearly any space. 

Our team of professionals is currently advising various local governments, developers, architects and residents on a broad range of projects. 

We can either provide you with the automatic reports given by the software used or we can provide you fully customizable light plans with all the extra information you might need.


Dialux, Relux, Evo, Calculux, Autodesk Inventor, Autocad, etc.: we work with the software and the parameters you want.


EulumDAT and IES files: we use the luminaire files with the format you want.


Light reports: we can either use automatic reporting of the software (cheapest and fastest) or in case you want to distinguish your company in the market by having a unique format with extra information; we can also do that.

Availability: we are available 24/7 through Skype/email and we have a team of engineers in Portugal/Netherlands ready to answer your projects.

Delivery time: normally reports can be delivered between 4 hours to 3 days, depending on the case complexity and the team workload. We can always commit to a certain delivery time range.

Quality: our light planners, either have a master’s degree in Electrical/Illumination/Mechatronics Engineering (made in the European Union) or are certified by Dial ( Plus, our light planners have years of experience with light planning for different industries

Price: starting as little as 20€/h (VAT inclusive) depending on the service agreement, the complexity of the projects, liability, etc. 


• We know the importance of confidentiality, light planning accuracy and how it affects sales;

• We know how to reduce the costs of light planning. We can save up to sixty percent of your operating costs with light planning;

• We make light planning efficient. Our light planners work full time with light planning. Therefore, they are good and efficient at what they do;

• By outsourcing light planning to BemStudio your employees will be able to focus on selling and developing products. In case you have in-house light planners, we can also make you an offer which will certainly reduce your operating costs.


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