BemStudio’s characterization of luminaires will allow you to know exactly how a luminaire performs. This characterization is done through a series of standardized tests that are performed either in an integrated sphere or in a goniophotometer.
Integrating spheres are configured to accurately measure luminous flux (lumens) as well as the color temperature and color rendering of the light source under test.
The goniophotometers provide both near-field (luminance) and far-field (luminous intensity) data and are used for generating standard photometric data in the popular .ies and .ldt (EULUMDAT) formats for light designers that use software such as Dialux, Relux, Evo and Calculux.



Photometric / Spectroradiometric
• Spectral radiant flux (Watts/nm) Photon flux (µmol/s/nm), 350-1000 nm    
• Spectral irradiance (W/m2.nm) Photon irradiance (µmol/s/m2.nm), 200-1700 nm
• Total luminous flux (lumens) Photon flux (µmol/s)    
• Radiance (W/sr.m2.nm) Photon luminance (µmol /s/m2/sr.nm), 200-1700 nm
• Scotopic flux (lumens)    
• Illuminance (lux)
• Luminous intensity (candelas)    
• PSS, Phytochrome Photostationary State
• RCR, relative cycling rate    
• S:P ratio
Relevant Standards
• IES LM-79-08 Method for electrical and photometric measurements of SSL Products    
• BS EN 13032-1:2004 Measurement and presentation of photometric data for lamps and luminaires
• BS EN 5489:2012 & ILP PLG-03 (2012) - Measurement of street lighting and S:P Ratio Colectrical
• Power consumption (W)    
• Energy efficiency index (EEI)    
• Light output ratio (LOR)    
• Luminous efficacy (lumens / Watt)
• Power factor


• CIE chromaticity (xy, uv, u’v’)    
• Correlated colour temperature, CCT (Kelvin)    
• Colour rendering index, CRI (RA, R1-14)    
• Dominant wavelength (nm) & purity
• Colour quality scale, CQS    
• MacAdams Ellipses & SDCM
Spatial / Angular
• Luminous intensity vs. angle    
• Luminance vs. angle       
• CCT vs. angle    - CRI vs. angle
• Beam angle    
• Polar intensity charts    
• Cone illuminance diagrams    
• Unified glare rating (UGR) reports
• Photometric data files in .ies and .ldt (EULUMDAT) formats


• Performing luminaire characterization will save you costs and provide you key information for your business; 

• We work with state of the art measuring equipment;

• Pickup and we will delivery of the luminaires;    

• We follow the industry’s international standards;

• We have highly qualified engineers with several years of expertise in the light industry;

• We make the conversion between radiometry, photometry and quantum units.